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[Toronto, ON, January 18, 2021]

The Board of Directors of Purves Redmond Limited (“PRL”) has appointed Matthew Newman a Partner in the firm.

Matthew joined PRL in January 2019 as Surety Practice Leader. Since that time he has worked closely with our business leaders to identify clients’ and prospects’ needs and opportunities, and develop and execute corresponding solutions. Under Matt’s leadership, PRL’s volume of surety premium has grown considerably and it supports

PRL’s deep relationships with all major surety companies. Peter Redmond, President and CEO, stated “PRL is a Canadian-based firm and we strongly believe that the best client service experiences are created when the ownership of the firm is in the same hands as those leading the client service efforts. Matt’s dedication to customer focus, service excellence, professionalism, as well as our other core values, including passion, integrity and collaboration makes him an excellent candidate for our equity ownership group. Of behalf of the Board and other Partners, I welcome Matt as a Partner”

For further information please contact:

Adrian Vanelli,
Chief Operating Officer
T: 416.644.4035