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Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance is at the heart of what we do. As an independently owned brokerage and advisory firm, we provide levels of expertise, precision and service unseen anywhere else in the industry—the same way we’ve done things since 1959. With an extended international network consisting of more than 10,000 insurance professionals and the resources to provide coverage in over 130 countries, we’re ready to help you grow your business around the world.

Whether you’re looking for a complete insurance program to cover your business, a specific add-on coverage to protect against a new exposure, or expert advice on your business’s risk profile, we have the knowledge and experience to make sure that you’re prepared, no matter what.

Some of our areas of expertise include:

Property & Liability

Keeping your business running means protecting your physical assets and revenue streams. Property insurance covers not only…
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Environmental/Pollution Liability

For the mining, energy, chemicals, waste management and manufacturing industries, environmental liability poses one of the most…
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Commercial Automobile

Your business might use a large number of commercial trucks or just a single car for sales trips. Regardless of the kind or number of…
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Professional & Management Liability

Regulated professionals, like everyone else, can sometimes make mistakes. Professional liability insurance, often called errors & omissions or…
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Risk Consulting

Risk consulting is one of the key ways that we work with you to limit your company’s exposures and keep your insurance costs low…
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Surety bonds provide guarantees for contracts and other financial obligations. These can replace existing bank letters of credit or…
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Mergers & Acquisitions/Transactional Risk Insurance

Companies involved in a purchase and sale, asset, or share transaction—either on the buyer or seller side—face exposure to significant…
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Global Risk Services

While the Canadian market is where we’ve made our name, we are also part of a number of exclusive, international networks of insurance…
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PRL specializes in a number of niche markets and has experts guiding clients in each vertical. Our programs build on that expertise, offering…
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We also offer a comprehensive range of Group Benefits & Retirement Planning products and services for your business or individual needs.