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Select Industries We Serve

If it’s a business, we can insure it.

We provide expert guidance and insurance coverage to our clients across the spectrum of Canadian businesses. Whether mining and energy projects, transportation and waste management, or complex infrastructure builds in major cities, we’ve helped clients large and small navigate the risks, and opportunities, that come with doing business in Canada.

The following are some of the industries we specialize in. Learn more and meet our coverage experts who bring decades of technical insurance expertise and commitment to client service.

Mining, Energy & Power

The mining industry faces a number of complex challenges that stretch across the globe: softer commodity markets, controlling costs, access…
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Construction & Infrastructure

Our dedicated construction team has expertise in every facet of the industry. We provide insurance and bonding solutions for every…
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Waste Management, Transportation & Logistics

The safe and secure handling of complex waste continues to be a growing industry, and one that faces new challenges, risks and liabilities…
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Professional & Financial Institutions

Lawyers, patent agents, brokers, educators, consultants, and private and public investors all face risks specific to their professions—risks…
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Retail, Hospitality & Real Estate

With more employees than any other industry in Canada, retail has become a fundamental part of our country’s economy. Within this industry…
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The manufacturing sector continues to make advancements in the way it fabricates, processes and transforms products from raw…
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Technology companies are on the cutting edge of today’s economy, and are expected to make up an even bigger share in the coming…
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Healthcare & Life Sciences

Society holds healthcare professionals, drug developers and manufacturers to very high standards. Your executives understand the…
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We understand the challenges you face every day in managing your organization’s fundraisers, programs, services, staff and volunteers while…
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Don’t see your business here? Get in touch with us—we can advise you on what you need, and put together a customized insurance package that will help you minimize risk, realize value and sleep better at night.