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Fiduciary/Estate Bonds

We are committed to finding solutions for our clients. For individual estate bonds we work with surety partners that understand this business and work to make the process quick and painless. For Law Firms that regularly require fiduciary bonds we can establish a customized facility to further streamline the process of procuring these bonds.

How it Works

A fiduciary is an individual who occupies a position of trust, particularly one who manages the affairs or funds of another. A fiduciary bond is required of administrators, committees, executors, guardians or trustees, to guarantee their faithful performance of duties in accordance with the relevant laws.
Fiduciary bonds ensure that the fiduciary fulfills their obligations as specified in the will or in the court order. This bond guarantees that the fiduciary is honest, financially stable and capable of completing the duties as prescribed by the courts. Please download our application here to get started, completed applications can be sent to our coverage expert below.
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Customized Facility for Law Firms

PRL works with our Surety Partners to take a unique approach in servicing law firms and their clients. We can arrange to provide law firms with in-house capabilities to issue fiduciary bonds. Advantages to the law firm include:

  1. Reduces time & administrative costs associated with sourcing a bond
  2. Pre-approved limits ensure accessibility to bonds when they are required
  3. Streamlined application process
  4. Immediate procurement of bonds

Expertise. At your service.

Contact our coverage expert to learn more about Fiduciary/Estate bond solutions: