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The PRL story began in 1959 with the founding of Robert Purves Limited by Bob Purves in Toronto. Bob was succeeded by Rob Purves, his son, who became president in 1979 and serves as chairman to this day. The firm officially became Purves Redmond Limited in 2003 when Peter Redmond joined as a full partner. Under Peter’s presidency, PRL has since expanded operations across Canada while adding our group benefits and retirement planning service.

As the country has grown up around PRL, we’ve evolved into becoming one of Canada’s top independent insurance advisory and brokerage firms.

Through more than half a century of experience, we’ve worked with clients from all of Canada’s major industries—including mining, energy, waste management, transportation, construction, manufacturing and retail—as well as on international projects with our exclusive networks of international brokers. We’ve committed ourselves to delivering the highest level of service to all of our clients, regardless of size—and we intend to keep providing Canadian companies and individuals with the same expertise and service level that has come to represent our firm for decades.

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    Peter Redmond

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    Peter Redmond, President & Chief Executive Officer

    As President and CEO of Purves Redmond Limited, Peter is primarily responsible for developing and executing on PRL’s vision and strategic direction. In his role, Peter also exemplifies and sets the company’s culture, values and behaviour in addition to providing guidance, direction and support to PRL’s leadership team. Having spent more than 30 years working in the industry, Peter’s primary focus has been on the design and administration of property and casualty insurance programs for mid- to large-size national and multi-national corporations. He has considerable experience with complex risks and global programs. Peter is well regarded in the risk management and insurance community, and maintains a strong network of industry decision-makers. He actively leverages this network to the benefit of PRL’s clients.
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    Robert Purves


    Robert Purves, Chairman

    As one of the founding members of Purves Redmond Limited and Chairman of PRL’s Board of Directors, Robert works collaboratively with PRL’s CEO to foster the Board and company’s culture and work. Robert also ensures the Board maintains focus on what is best for PRL by facilitating leadership and governance among its members. Robert served as the president of PRL’s predecessor firm, Robert Purves Limited, from 1979 to 2003, when Peter Redmond joined the firm as a full partner. Robert has an accounting background with an industry focus on casualty, marine, surety and management liability, and is experienced in alternative risk transfer and claims management. He has sat on the board of many firms and organizations within the insurance industry and the not-for-profit sector.
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    Adrian Vanelli

    Chief Operating Officer

    Adrian Vanelli, Chief Operating Officer

    As COO, Adrian is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operational and administrative functions of PRL, including Finance & Accounting, Marketing, IT, and other Shared Services. In this role, Adrian is responsible for executing on the business plans set by PRL’s CEO and Board of Directors. In addition, Adrian maintains management oversight of PRL’s specialty practice areas, including Surety & Construction, Group Benefits, and Private Client businesses. Adrian also advises a portfolio of clients with commodity and construction-related exposures. Prior to joining PRL, Adrian gained experience in corporate finance, strategic planning, and underwriting with large multi-national insurance carriers. Adrian holds the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designations.
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    Deborah Laferriere

    Principal Broker & Chief Compliance Officer

    Deborah Laferriere, Principal Broker & Chief Compliance Officer

    As Principal Broker & Chief Compliance Officer, Deborah ensures that PRL and all of its employees comply with regulatory and legal requirements as well as internal policies and corporate bylaws. Deborah is also the Senior Client Executive for a select number of PRL clients with complex risk management needs. Deborah has more than 30 years of insurance industry experience with large multi-national clients. She is skilled in the design and implementation of risk management programs for organizations in the real estate, banking, professional services, manufacturing, food, beverage and retail sectors. Deborah has many years of experience in assisting clients to better manage their risks through traditional and nontraditional methods including captives and large self-insured retentions.
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    Najeeb Sachedina

    National Business Unit Leader | Mining & Energy

    Najeeb Sachedina, National Business Unit Leader | Mining & Energy

    As National Business Unit Leader, Najeeb is responsible for day-to-day business direction and management of the Mining & Energy unit across Canada. In this role, Najeeb oversees client service and manages a team of insurance professionals ensuring service expectations are met while fostering a highly functioning team environment. In addition to his managerial functions, Najeeb advises a portfolio of clients with commodity-related exposures. He has over 16 years of experience in the design and implementation of large risk management programs for national and multi-national corporations, managing their risk transfer through traditional and non-traditional methods.
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    David Brosbell

    Business Development Leader | Mining & Energy

    David Brosbell, Business Development Leader | Mining & Energy

    As National Business Development Leader, David plays a crucial role in attracting and fostering client relationships, driving growth for PRL, and providing guidance to the Mining & Energy team across the country. With over 18 years’ experience, David brings a wealth of industry knowledge and a level of sophistication to operating mines and development projects in Canada and around the Globe. He expertly executes insurance placements and leads negotiations among stakeholders; engaging key team members with specific skills to best serve each client. David is committed to providing exceptional service coupled with unique and creative solutions to solve client needs using insurance and bonding tools.
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    Ken Fedosen

    National Business Unit Leader | Transportation, Waste & Recycling

    Ken Fedosen, National Business Unit Leader | Transportation, Waste & Recycling

    As National Business Unit Leader, Ken leads the day-to-day business direction and management of the Transportation, Waste & Recycling group, ensuring the team’s objectives are met. In this role, Ken oversees client service, manages a team of insurance professionals, and is focused on driving new growth opportunities for his Business Unit. Fully bilingual, Ken began his insurance career in Montreal as an underwriter over 30 years ago. In 2008, Ken joined Purves Redmond Limited as a Senior Associate responsible for Commercial & Risk Managed business and was appointed Partner in January 2010. He is an innovative client executive experienced in the development, placement and service of both large and midsized North American and Global accounts.
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    Bradley Wells

    National Business Unit Leader | Financial Product Lines

    Bradley Wells, National Business Unit Leader | Financial Product Lines

    As National Business Unit Leader, Bradley is responsible for day-to-day business direction and management of the Financial Products unit across Canada, including Management Liability, Cyber, and Mergers & Acquisitions insurance solutions. In addition, Bradley is PRL’s internal counsel and provides expertise on policy wording and coverage interpretation. Bradley and his team provide technical product expertise to the other PRL Business Units and PRL clients. Bradley manages a team of insurance professionals and is responsible for client service in specialty areas and for a number of select clients. Before attending law school, Bradley spent 10 years as an insurance broker at PRL and other firms, largely specializing in commercial lines and large insurance program placements. The beginning of his legal practice involved both Insurance Coverage work and general Corporate Litigation until 2010 when he narrowed his practice to focus solely on Insurance Coverage work. In 2017, Bradley returned to Purves Redmond Limited where he provides his extensive expertise and experience to clients.
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    Joanne Grubb

    Benefits Practice Leader

    Joanne Grubb, Benefits Practice Leader

    As Benefits Practice Leader, Joanne leads PRL’s Group Benefits team and is responsible for the day-to-day operations. In her role, Joanne manages a team of insurance professionals and focuses on providing group insurance and group retirement plans to PRL’s clients. Joanne joined PRL in 2011 after having worked with two major insurance carriers in a variety of progressive roles, including underwriting, marketing and client management. With over 25 years of insurance industry experience, Joanne’s in-depth knowledge of the group benefits industry allows her to make cost-effective plan design recommendations specific to each client’s unique needs, and her strong customer service focus ensures employers are well supported in their employee benefit strategies.
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    Laura Gallo

    Private Client Practice Leader & Market Relations

    Laura Gallo, Private Client Practice Leader & Market Relations

    As Private Client Practice Leader and Market Relations liaison, Laura leads PRL’s Private Client Insurance team and is responsible for Private Clients’ customer service and growth of the business. In her role, Laura ensures client service expectations are met and exceeded, and is focused on driving new growth opportunities for the Private Client group. In addition, Laura leads PRL’s insurer relationships, including contracts — working with underwriters to stay up to date on emerging products and services, and generating new ideas to better serve clients. With over 22 years of experience in the Canadian Property & Casualty Insurance industry, Laura draws on her comprehensive background to advise and develop insurance solutions for her clients unique and complex needs. Driven to think outside the box, Laura is skilled at developing cross-border solutions and tailored insurance programs for the high net worth Private Client market.
  • Our success is a result of consistently providing exceptional, professional service and advice while nurturing trusting relationships with our clients, insurers and colleagues.

    We pride ourselves on being a leading insurance broker and advisory firm by offering our clients better value through:

    Our People and Culture

    We attract industry experts who take pride in delivering value and hands-on service to each and every one of our clients.

    Our Service Model

    We customize our service delivery to meet your needs—and we’re not shy about putting our commitment in writing to you. Our service-level agreement outlines what you can expect, so you can assess the value that we provide.

    Our Cost Structure

    We manage our costs to allow us to stay competitive with firms of all sizes and avoid unnecessary overhead or financial pressure. We’re transparent in our pricing model and we match insurance expertise on a client-by-client basis.

    Our Ownership

    We’re a private provincially incorporated firm with no public shareholders to service, allowing us to move quickly and make decisions without outside influence. Our ownership structure translates into decisions made with our clients’ best interests put first.

  • Client Focus

    We aim to align our services with your needs, and to understand your business, personal and financial requirements.

    Service Excellence

    We aim to provide our services and advice in a timely manner.


    We take pride in all the work we do, and it shows in the quality we’ve provided for over half a century.


    We’re passionate about growing our business, which means helping you grow yours.


    We demonstrate our integrity by being transparent and honest about all the work we do.


    We understand that working together optimizes the intellectual power of all of our brokers, advisors and partners.

  • Rewarding Performance

    We recognize the hard work of our employees through internal promotions and profit sharing.


    We provide opportunities for our established leaders to participate in the equity of the company.


    We maintain an equitable and safe working environment.


    We recognize the importance of work-life balance.

    Personal Development

    We nurture our employees through education and mentorship.

  • PRL is always seeking talented professionals to join our growing team. Visit our job board to learn more >