Our team of Private Client Insurance brokers can help protect the things that matter most to you. Homes, seasonal or vacation properties, vehicles, private collections, watercraft: we’re committed to arranging for insurance coverage to protect your assets.

We can build a range of coverages under one policy to maximize your value. Speak with any member of our Private Client Insurance team to evaluate your particular risk exposures and develop a tailored plan to protect your unique needs and assets, which can include:

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Distinctive Homes

When it comes to high-value and unique homes, we know that our clients need more than a one-size-fits-all policy. For more...

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Automobiles & Motorcycles

Whether your passion leans towards cars or motorcycles, unique vehicles deserve unique coverage. Our personal automobile...

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Private Collections

You’ve invested money and time into your collection—whether jewellery, art, wine or antiques. No two collections are...

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Umbrella/Excess Liability

As our society becomes more litigious, high-net-worth families are becoming the targets of lawsuits with greater frequency....

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Watercraft & Leisure Vehicles

From cottage runabouts to luxury yachts, we can provide you with the right coverage for your personal watercraft. We tailor...

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We also offer a comprehensive range of Individual Life & Financial Planning products and services for your business or individual needs.